2014 Fall Association Meeting

Melville Baptist Church
October 25th, 10am – 4pm

The churches of the Saskatchewan Baptist Association (SBA) met together in the morning to worship and hear reports from the youth gathering, and Good Spirit Bible Camp (GSBC).  A message from Ken Solberg, the Regional Minister, and a business session followed in the afternoon.

A mission, vision, and values document titled ENGAGE was presented at the afternoon business session.  The document was formed by leaders and members of the SBA and will be discussed at the 2015 Spring Association meeting.

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Melville Flooding

Thanks for your email and for your prayers. It was a crazy few days here in Melville from June 29 to about July 2. Everybody was busy either helping with sandbagging or fighting the water in their own basements. I’m glad to say that there is a much calmer atmosphere around town in these last few days and most people are in recovery mode. The piles of furniture and carpet from basements are starting to appear in front yards as people clean up.
Our own congregation seems to have weathered the storm fairly well. I spent a good deal of time on the phone last week just checking in with everyone. Everyone I talked to was either dry and able to help others out or coping with their own situation. As a church we haven’t organized any clean up efforts, just trying to be neighbours helping neighbours.

Samaritan’s Purse is currently en route to Melville and already have a number of homes lined up where they will be assisting with clean-up. If there are people from your church willing to come I know they are looking for volunteers. In fact, if anyone would like to spend a few days here I’m sure we could organize billets. The Samaritan’s Purse number is 1-866-628-6565. I spoke with them this morning and they are on the road so you might not get an answer but you can leave a message.

Pastor Jon Pettinger
Melville Baptist Church

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Interview with Ken Solberg, Area Minister, SBA

Ken you were away the early part of May, what was the purpose?

It was the annual meeting of the General Council of the NAB conference, held in Folsom, California.  The SBA was represented by myself, Area Minister and Rev Doug Armbruster, Moderator.   It included those people who are elected or appointed to govern and administrated between triennial.  In between triennial the constitution requires a body with authority to govern and conduct the business of the conference.

Who was in attendance?

In attendance were the Vice Presidents from the International Office, our Intern Executive Director, Dan Hamill, Regional Ministers, and representation from our cooperating organizations, Sioux Falls and Taylor Seminar. As well there was the Executive Committee, which is the smaller representation charged with leadership from the General Council.  In total there were 54 people.  All Regions and Associations had representation.

What were some major things that were discussed?

Reports were received from all ministries; financial representative, Tony Dunaway, seminary reports, NAB foundation and CEIF.

What were some decisions made or voted items?

Major discussion has occurred over the last year, as a result of General Council direction given in 2013, to address the issue of structure and how we operate in all areas of the North American Baptist Conference.

In 2013 a General Council Task Force was appointed to produce and present a proposal to General Council in 2014 which would address some of these issues.  A presentation was made to General Council in May 15, 2014 by the Task Force and it was reviewed by General Council.  The presentation included discussion on 2 major points.  The first dealt with how we relate and behave between all the various groups within NAB.  This included discussion about behaviour principles which included spiritual, connection, clarity, documents, decision making and leadership.

The second part of the Task Force proposal dealt with clarifying roles and responsibilities.  Discussion involved the role of the Executive Director, the Executive Committee, Regional Ministers, General Council and the cooperating organizations.

Agreement was reached in regards to the direction of the behaviour principles which will guide us and move us forward as we seek to further explore what re-structuring will look like.  After much discussion about the clarification of roles and responsibilities the Task Force was reappointed to bring back a model to General Council in 2015. The goal is to bring a restructuring model to Triennial in July 2015.

A decision was also made to appoint to a search committee to gather names for the Executive Director position.


How will this impact the local church?

The impact will be felt at the local church level as the International Office and the restructuring model goal is work with the various Associations and Regions to train and resource the local church so it can better reflect the NEXT priorities in its ministries.

Article written by Cathy Winkler

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2014 Conference Session Videos

Reach SBA Conference Poster_thumb


Due to popular  demand Plenary Speaker: Dr. Scott Hagley sermons, are now available online.

The 14 Saskatchewan churches of the North American Baptist (NAB) Conference met at Faith Baptist Church in Regina Saskatchewan on March 7th and 8th for their annual conference and business session. We worshiped together and were encouraged through reports of how God is working in the churches in the SBA. We were also encouraged by Dr. Scott Hagley (FORGE Canada) to think about how we can Reach those around us with the good news of Christ by living lives that bear witness.

During the business sessions we reviewed the financial report, set the 2014 Budget, and elected officials for the 2014 Leadership Team.

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Building our Future Together!

The Saskatchewan Baptist Association is a family of Biblically based churches that associate voluntarily within the North American Baptist Conference.”

“We exist to assist, support and hold one another accountable in making disciples of Jesus Christ and to facilitate the ministries we do collectively.”

We, the Saskatchewan Baptist
Association Churches, seek God’s glory! We look to our God to inspire us, to honour us with His guidance, and to give us a sense of his good pleasure on our commitment to His passion – people!

We will bring glory to Him alone, for He is absolutely worthy. Nothing will please us more than to know He is glorified in more hearts and lives in Saskatchewan. We covenant to be faithful until Jesus comes again.

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