Our Vision

Where are we going?

Where is God leading us?

Association Covenant

We, the Saskatchewan Baptist Association Churches, seek God’s glory!  We look to our God to inspire us, to honor us with His guidance, and to give us a sense of his good pleasure on our commitment to His passion – people!  We will bring glory to Him alone, for He is absolutely worthy.  Nothing will please us more than to know He is glorified in more hearts and lives in Saskatchewan.  We covenant to be faithful until Jesus comes again.


1.   God’s heart & passion.  We will seek to know God’s love for us and for the towns and cities in Sask.  We want to fully answer the questions: Why was Jesus born and why did He have to die?  What does John 3:16 mean for us in our Judea/Samaria work together?

2.   Prayer.  We will worship our God in prayer.  We will pray for eyes to see what He is doing.  We will pray for the lost.  We will pray that His will be done in us and through us on earth as it is done in heaven.  More than ever we desire to know the joy of answered prayer.

3.   The 1% Mission.  We will take responsibility for 1% of Saskatchewan population,  9,940 people.  We will take a greater responsibility for each other and those who already attend, and reach out and welcome 8,000 more (at church and camp).  We will make every effort these children, youth and adults have at least ONE good church experience.  We believe that at least 10% of these will make faith commitments to follow Christ.

4.   Church Planting.  We will look for planting churches in strategic locations.  Through our clusters, we will identify where God is already at work.  We believe that one in 2 years is a doable goal.  The Executive will appoint a committee to give direction under the guidance of the Regional Minister.

5.   First Nations.  We will build on the good work Good Spirit Bible Camp has with children and youth from 9 reservations.  NAB Conference had missionaries on reservations in SK.  We will network (Bible Schools, ministries, SBA members) to identify and empower, younger godly men and women who have a heart for reaching their people.  Growth statistics project within 15 yrs the largest people group in Sask will be First Nations/Metis/Aboriginal. As God guides, we will establish preaching and teaching points and work with them to plant churches where they live and work.

6.   Clusters.  We will work to see a new spiritual energy and zeal for God’s priorities emerge as clusters become a working reality in 18 to 24 months.  We will deepen our fellowship with each other.  We will see a God-honoring ownership to make disciples of Jesus Christ.

7.   Retreats & Conferences.  We will guard each other’s time commitments and seek to inspire and empower each other through men & women who understand our times. (For:  Pastors; WMF; Youth; Church Leadership – moderators, treasurers, etc).

8.   Annual Meeting.  We will do God’s work thoughtfully and boldly as congregational elected leaders and delegates and SBA leadership.  We will pray, cast the vision, give, pursue our mission and persist – together.